noun an excessively abundant
supply of something

Excess, excess,
Once begun
‘Tis never undone.

Profess, profess,
Almost tumourous
Once begun
‘Til finally gone.

In James Bridle’s book New Dark Age, he likens microwave relay dishes (that carry billions of pounds worth of data every second) to parasites, as they cling to buildings leaching off of our social architectures; one of the unassuming physical markers of the invisible data that quietly forces the amalgamation of technology and humankind.

For us, the oncoming incursion of our glutinous world of data manifests as a tumour, metastasising internally. Caused by ignorance and greed, it won’t reveal any symptoms at first, assuming control in utter silence. But as the forming mass grows bigger it weakens the system to its glorious defeat.

Should we obey to speed, ease and quantity and accept it as the standard, or should we become better at who we are and what we do instead? And who will help us in our prolonged quest, machines or human beings?

Critical Reflections

I have hitherto been a thoroughgoing nihilist - Yehya Al-Hafidh

A critical reflection on ‘232 Responses to Industrial Society and Its Future’ - Dwayne Roberts

The process and practice of designing for delayed gratification - Amelia Rowe

MA Cohort

Yehya Al-Hafidh, Genette Dibsdall, Peri Linklater-Johnson, Tom Marmoy, Dwayne Roberts, Amelia Rowe, Ellie Russell, Celestine Ward

MA Communication Design,
Falmouth University